View process data from a different angle

Abstract raw data from the absolute time and approach it from a higher perspective. Add a layer of context by automatically creating records in a relational database that meet critical events in production, such as orders, products, batches, employee shifts or downtime.

  • Detect & analyse any event. Create an asset model of your plant’s equipment. Record any process event that has a start and an end time.
  • Create reports 10x faster. Aggregate relational process data without the need for manual intervention. Speed up the reporting process.
  • Bring your own BI tool. Replace the hassle of custom development with a generic and easy configurable solution that plugs into any BI tool.
Historian software

Ask tough questions, get answers on the spot

Make more informed operational decisions based on real-time production data and trends. The Factry Historian event detection & analysis module allows you to run advanced queries on your process data, without the need for technical knowledge.

Instantly answer questions such as:

  • What was the total production output within a certain timeframe?
  • How does production performance compare between operator shifts?
  • What is the process efficiency when comparing product A with B?
  • Which product generates the most waste during production?
Run advanced queries on-the-fly

Unlock advanced insights. Make reporting easy.

Replace a tedious data preparation process and custom integrations with a generic solution that automatically translates raw data into the right format, and allows for advanced event analysis within the historian platform.

  • Fix hidden issues. Identify and solve hidden process issues that could have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business.
  • Match the golden batch. Sample historical data on top of predefined production events. Compare current and previous production curves.
  • Shorten learning cycles. Capture the knowledge of experienced process engineers in an IIoT platform that anyone can access and use.
  • Automate reporting. Perform automatic KPI calculations to support your daily or weekly team meetings, without having to update manually.
Improve the bottom line of your business

Usability meets performance

Usability meets performance

See it in action

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