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As a plant or operations manager, you're probably sitting on a pile of process data. Often, data is spread over isolated systems, Excel sheets, paper or other artefacts. This makes it difficult to compare batches, aggregate parameters or detect process anomalies.

Usually, production runs smoothly. But sometimes it doesn’t. In case of e.g. a customer complaint or an emergency, a human being will have to dig into different data sources to find out what went wrong. Without learning how to prevent similar issues in the future.

Not anymore with Factry's process historian.

Historian software

Add context to raw data. Uncover deeper insights.

Abstract process data from the absolute time and approach it from a higher perspective. Factry Historian’s asset-based event module automatically creates records in a SQL database that correspond with critical production events, such as batches, recipe changes, orders, or downtime.

  • Extract deeper insights. Run complex queries on asset data by selecting simple parameters. Get advanced insights on-the-fly.
  • Match the golden batch. Sample historical data on top of real-time events. Find the reasons for variations, and streamline product quality.
  • Bring your own BI tool. Replace complex integration scripts with a generic and easy configurable solution that plugs into any BI tool.
Historian dashboard

Replace hindsight with insight

Factry Historian makes any type of process data readily available for anyone in your organisation — whether it is in a manufacturing, processing or production context. Our data historian will allow you to thoroughly examine the exact conditions in which a batch or order was produced, identify issues and continuously improve operations.

  • Eliminate manual data collection and data analysis. Replace guesswork with data-driven insights based on a Single Source of Truth.

  • Instantly reap the benefits of operational efficiency, cost reduction, yield improvement and minimised downtime.
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Historian dashboard

Key benefits of Factry Historian

When the rubber meets the road

Read use cases of Factry software in various niches, from the process industry to the energy sector or manufacturing industry.

Easy-to-use administration

Easy-to-use administration

Migrate your current historian data with ease

A much higher usability. No artificial data limits. The surprisingly affordable price tag. Just to name a few reasons for replacing your classic data historian with Factry Historian. What your reason might be, we can guarantee you a seamless data migration process.

Our team is well-equipped to handle any aspect of the job. With many years of experience, and by building on a proven methodology, we can present a spotless track record in delivering a smooth historian migration. Feel free to get in touch for more details.

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