Factry is growing 🚀

and is looking for software talent!

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Software Engineer

Factry is growing, and is therefore looking for software talent! Do you have a passion for user-friendly software? Always wanted to work with industrial applications? Love open source? Then maybe you are the one!

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Why work at Factry?

Change industry for the better

We help industrial companies do more with less. They save energy, work smarter, prevent downtime, optimize their assets, give their operators modern tools, eliminate paper, the list goes on.

Boost your career

Factry is growing and we want the team to grow with us. Also, you can contribute to open-source software projects whenever the need arises.

A creative working environment

We’re based in a brand new office in Ghent, a 1 minute walk from the train station Ghent Dampoort. The office comes with a pool table, an unlimited coffee supply, protected bike parking, showers, and more.

Awesome company culture

We'll let our award speak for itself.