Jeroen Coussement
Founder & CEO

Jeroen worked for a decade as a software consultant at some of the biggest names in the process manufacturing industry. Always in the loop of the newest IT technologies, Jeroen is Factry’s witty innovator.

Frederik 2
Frederik Van Leeckwyck
Business Development

With a background in Bio-Science Engineering and years of experience as innovation manager, Frederik is often our client’s first touchpoint. Without getting too cosy, Frederik takes client intimacy to the next level.

Yves Bourgeois
Operations Manager

Before he joined Factry, data acrobat Yves gathered over 10 years of experience at one of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry. If you want to get deep into operational efficiency - he’s the guy to talk to. For hours.

Pieterjan Lambrecht
DevOps Engineer

Developer at heart, Pieterjan is managing Factry's development and deployment pipelines, in order to guarantee a seemless experience for our clients. Always in for a laugh, he takes office humor to the next level.

Ilya Crols
Software Engineer

Ilya thrives on solving hard problems. He is an avid open-source fan and contributor with a CS degree from the University of Oxford, and he's equally skilled on his violin as on his computer keyboard.

Lumi De Smedt
Frontend Developer

Where should this button go? Lumi knows! Thanks to her, our UI's are clean and focussed on the end-user. When she needs to blow off steam, computer games and drum'n'bass music are usually the answer.

Frederik De Swaef
Customer Success Manager

Combining technical software & hardware skills with a drive for helping people, Frederik is helping our customers get the most out of their Factry solutions. When away from his desk, he's probably messing with an Arduino somewhere.

Love challenges? Get started at Factry. We are currently looking for a Software Engineer and a Project Manager Automation. Read more on our jobs page.