Detect and analyse any production event

Abstract raw data from the absolute time and approach it from a higher perspective. Automatically create records in a relational database that meet critical events in production, such as runs, batches or downtime.

  • Detect & analyse any event. Create an asset model of your plant’s equipment. Record any process event that has a start and an end time.
  • Create reports 10x faster. Aggregate relational process data without the need for manual intervention. Speed up the reporting process.
  • Bring your own BI tool. Replace the hassle of custom development with a generic and easy configurable solution that plugs into any BI tool.
Historian software

Ask tough questions, get answers on the spot

Make informed operational decisions based on real-time process data and trends. The Factry Historian event detection & analysis module allows you to run advanced queries on your production data, without the need for technical knowledge.

Instantly answer questions such as:

  • What was the average temperature for a certain product batch?
  • How does the pH-curve compare to previous production runs?
  • What volume was produced on a certain asset in one week?
  • How much energy was consumed within a certain time frame?
  • Which products are the most profitable, or costly?
  • How much raw material was used for a single product batch?
Run advanced queries on-the-fly

Find and match the golden batch.

Replace a tedious data preparation process and custom integrations with a generic solution that automatically translates raw data into the right format, and allows for advanced event analysis within the historian platform.

  • Get deeper insights. Run advanced queries to answer complex questions. Data is continuously preprocessed for common queries.
  • Fix hidden issues. Identify and fix hidden process issues that could have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business.
  • Streamline quality. Visually sample historical data on predefined production events. Compare current and previous production curves.
Improve the bottom line of your business

Usability meets performance

Usability meets performance

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