Become a data-driven production company

Rising costs, growing complexity of processes, and stringent traceability demands pose huge challenges to process manufacturers. With future-proof IIoT solutions, we help your business radically accelerate digital transformation, and evolve to a truly data-driven production company.

  • Break data silos. Integrate unlimited data sources in a single IIoT interface.
  • Boost profitability. Uncover actionable data insights to improve the bottom line.
  • Simplify reporting. Streamline reporting over departments and production sites.
  • Improve traceability. Enable complete traceability of WIP and finished products.
  • Anticipate new needs. Lay the groundwork for applications such as machine learning.

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Whether you want to monitor and analyse processes in real-time, trace down quality issues, reduce downtime, or save energy: we've got you covered with an integrated IIoT platform that is built to last.

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Highlighted industry: fermentation 👇‍️

Real-time monitoring and analysis of fermentation processes

Fermentation takes a lot more than just blending raw materials. To optimise processes and streamline the quality of the end products, fermentation companies need real-time process insights to discover issues before they become problematic, and quickly intervene in case of anomalies.

Solutions for the fermentation industry
Process monitoring in the fermentation industry