Create an utterly paperless factory

Tired of paper and inefficient processes? Collect data from any source in real-time, integrate data streams in a single interface and transform raw data into actionable manufacturing insights.

  • Eliminate paper and manual data entry by gathering process data automatically
  • Collect, store and visualise data from any (legacy) machine, device or system
  • Identify and fix process inefficiencies or bottlenecks based on historical data
  • Find the root cause of quality issues and prevent them from happening again
Operating System Functionality

Implement lean manufacturing

Achieve more efficient and profitable operations. Manage, control and trace the manufacturing process in real-time, from production order to final packaging.

  • Respond quicker to growing demands for highly customised products
  • Optimise delivery times and throughput by averting unplanned downtime
  • Eradicate costly reworks and scrap through in-process quality verification
  • Optimise inventory and WIP levels by managing the supply chain in real time

Server cluster

Empower people with modern tools

Guide machine operators to perform the right tasks in the right sequence through a modern and user-friendly interface. Empower managers with dashboards fit to their needs.

  • Guide the workflow of operators with BOM based work instructions
  • Gain real-time insights on site-wide communication screens and tablets
  • Empower plant managers with user-friendly performance analysis tools
  • Enable people to plan & manage production remotely, on any device
MES software for the factory floor

Key benefits of FactryOS

Usability meets performance

Usability meets performance

Go paperless. Tear down silos.

In today’s smart factory, a holistic view of operations is key to improving efficiency, comply with client demands, and smoothen the supply chain. This can only happen by going paperless and joining data sources.

Thanks to open technologies, a lean production process is within reach for any business, with a significant impact on overall operations. Factry's scalable MES software helps you to tear down data silos and put smart manufacturing finally into practice.


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