Analyse any type of critical process event

Abstract raw production data from the absolute time and approach it from a higher perspective, such as an order, run, batch, employee shift or unplanned downtime. All without the need for custom development work.

  • Leverage new insights. Make smarter decisions based on real-time relational data and trends, instead of relying on static spreadsheets.
  • Make informed decisions. Identify cost-saving opportunities by directly allocating energy consumption, waste and material usage.
  • Bring your own BI tool. Replace the hassle of custom development with a generic and easy configurable solution that plugs into any BI tool.
Historian software

Answer tough business questions on the spot

No more spreadsheets. Make informed management decisions based on real-time production data and trends. The Factry Historian event module allows you to run advanced business queries on-the-fly, without the need for technical knowledge.

Instantly answer questions such as:

  • Is plant leadership achieving its agreed-upon targets?
  • Can I increase production without increasing capacity?
  • Which production lines or sites are underperforming?
  • Which plant has the lowest number of units per line?
  • Which products are the most profitable, or costly?
  • Which lines have been down +10 times this month?
Run advanced queries on-the-fly

Get business reports faster. Improve the bottom line.

Why wait on others to get the management report you need now? Get standardised business insights in minutes, while empowering plant managers and engineers to continuously improve operations.

  • Increase your profitability. Optimise production yield, lead times, and delivery reliability without having to buy new machines or equipment.
  • Uncover hidden issues. Identify process issues today that could have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business tomorrow.
  • Empower your employees. Enable plant managers and engineers to focus on their core business, and spend less time on management reporting.
Improve the bottom line of your business

Usability meets performance

Usability meets performance

See it in action

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