Industrial IoT for smart industries

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are rapidly changing the process industry. We help your business to accelerate digital transformation through a modern and scalable solution for data visibility and MES.

Liberate your data from silos, outdated factory software and Excel sheets. Connect with any other system. Empower people with fluent access to process data, enabling actionable insights from shop floor to top floor.

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Industrial IIoT for smart industries

Collect and visualise any process data

Make better decisions based on facts. Collect real-time process data directly from machines and equipment. Turn big data into actionable insights through user-friendly dashboards.

Enable people to do more with data. Have anyone with the right credentials drill down on specific process issues. Draw a clear picture on how one or multiple plants are performing in a glimpse.

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Process data visualisation

Radically improve OEE performance

Measure. Learn. Improve. Repeat. Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness, add context through integrations with ERP, MES or other applications and enable a continuous improvement cycle.

Increase availability, reduce waste. Highlight performance issues and find out the magnitude of improvement potential, causes and durations of stoppages, speed losses or machine defects.

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OEE parameters

Build a smart factory from scratch

Get mean with lean manufacturing. Eliminate paperwork, boost plant productivity and reach your business goals with a powerful and flexible MES solution, built to Industry 4.0 standards.

Bring context to production data. With a built-in data visualisation tool and user-friendly dashboards, screens and tablets, our MES software makes real-time production data accessible to anyone.

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When the rubber meets the road

Read use cases of Factry software in various niches, from the process industry to the energy sector or manufacturing industry.

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