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The open historian for data-driven operations

Struggling with limited process visibility due to disparate data sources, and complex spreadsheets? Frustrated by a legacy historian that hinders rather than helps your operations?

Say goodbye to the artificial limitations, burdening complexity, and pay-per-use pricing models of classic data historians.

Collect, aggregate and visualise unlimited data and tags in real-time. Uncover the data insights you need to improve operations and decision-making.

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The modular MES that empowers operators

Lacking insight into the current status of production, causing high WIP levels, excessive waste and unplanned downtime?

Liberate yourself from the exuberant costs of monolithic MES solutions that only technical experts know how to handle.

Establish lean operations with an open and scalable MES that brings actionable process insights to everyone, from operator to CFO.

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Don't let classic tools hold you back from enhancing your efficiency. Boost uptime, productivity and employee engagement with user-friendly software.

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About Factry

Unlocking data potential in the process industry

Factry's mission is to bring an open data culture to the production industry, providing businesses with flexible and easy to use tools.

Our goal is to open up actionable insights to every role, from operator to CFO, enabling people to learn, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve.

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