Why I joined Factry - Mirella Vaxevanidi

Mirella Vaxevanidi on , updated

It’s already been more than a month since I started working for Factry as Customer Success Manager. An ideal moment to share why I joined the company and what I have learned so far!


During my earlier functions, I experienced the industrial world with the eyes of an automation engineer and I acquired deep knowledge on PLC and SCADA applied in the sectors of Oil&Gas, Food, Waste Energy and Packaging in Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands.


A few years ago, I was researching web-based SCADA possibilities by testing different software and felt immediately that this was the present and the future of the industry. It is fascinating to experience how industries can do data collection and visualisation of production lines and have the ability to take full control anytime, anywhere. I believe companies should not hesitate to take the next step by integrating industry 4.0 and start enjoying the advantages:

  • real-time remote accessibility
  • real-time supervision
    • monitoring/reporting
    • fault detection
    • historical data
  • reducing engineering costs
  • increasing productivity
  • protecting critical data with redundant solutions

In sectors like Oil & Gas, Utilities & Energy and many others where accessibility and physical presence is not easy, it is then ideal to use the fourth industrial revolution.

And just for the inspiration of these pandemic days where a lot of companies had to shut down their production, how efficient it would have been if industry 4.0 was already implemented?

Hopefully, more and more industries will see the benefits of digital transformation and they will not fear to move from the past, old-fashioned technologies into the new open, flexible and reliable IIoT solutions.

Next step

Therefore, it was about time for me to take the next step and see the world of automation from the industry 4.0 perspective by working with web-based technologies. And what better way to satisfy my curiosity for smart factory, digital transformation and cloud solutions than to get involved with a company as Factry?


The past month has been fun and enlightening through the onboarding process of my new colleagues. I had the opportunity to gain insights into Factry Historian platform and be amazed about how effective, modern and user-friendly a web-based software could be. Learning how to integrate data by using powerful and innovative monitoring solutions and managing processes in any type of industrial environment. Factry Historian comes with a powerful dashboarding solution that visualizes production data.

I was introduced to different use-cases where the company has implemented Factry Historian with or without including OEE & MES depending on the process and the needs of the customer. It was very interesting for me to understand how different production processes can be completely digitalised with web-based OEE/MES where data collection is used for automatic downtime & waste detection as well as for shift, production and material management.

Using recipe management in a yeast fermentation process leads to automatic fermentation, to sampling of fermentation, to lab results and to process data by gathering all information in one database.

On the other hand, in a wind turbine operation process, using a fine Historian system helps to improve productivity by collecting data from different sources and sensors, measuring the weather conditions while staying within regulatory boundaries, executing custom algorithms to outperform turbine status classification and real-time control of wind turbine behaviour.


After gaining knowledge in Factry’s systems, I started to provide customer support. My goal now is to get deeper into the knowledge of Factry’s products in order to cope immediately with customers’ needs and give the best possible guidance and onboardings to our clients. I am glad to get to work as CSM by being a part of a top, inspiring and motivating team in an innovative company.

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