Why our new Account Executive Emile said 'Yes' to Factry?

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We were looking for someone who knows what our clients feel, what they need and how they operate. He was looking for a new challenge that would boost his career. And then everything fell into place. Here’s our new Account Executive Emile.

Account Executive Emile Pierloot

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Emile Pierloot was our top candidate to elevate our sales and account management process, building on his strong knowledge of the industry, automation, and technology. After a lightning-fast onboarding process, he’s now an invaluable asset to our company for maintaining strong and intimate relations within our global client base.

“Before joining the Factry team, I’ve worked as an Account Manager with a leading provider of industrial automation solutions,” Emile begins his story. “In the past few years, I’ve tried to build my knowledge across multiple industries. So I was already quite familiar with the process industry landscape, Factry’s core audience, and the challenges these companies are facing today.”

What made you decide to sign up with Factry?

“I also had the option of starting out at a big player in industrial robotics, but I chose Factry nonetheless. The choice was between joining a long-established market player again in a large sales team, or go for the more adventurous option of helping a fast-growing scale up to reach new heights. So I opted for the latter, because I thought I could learn a lot, it would be more challenging and really give a boost to my career. I haven’t regretted a moment since.”

What do you think is the essence of your role?

In my past experience in sales I quickly realised building relationships is not only rewarding, but essential.

Emile Pierloot
Account Executive at Factry

“My job is to tell our story to companies that can benefit from our solutions and build awareness. Buying software isn’t the same as going to the supermarket. Selling it is about informing people about industry trends relevant to them, listening, showing a genuine interest in their business, and so, in essence, about building a bond. I’m lucky that my passion for technology sparks that genuine interest. I think that is the main aspect of my job.”

How is your job now different from your previous sales role?

“Whereas before, I used to focus on a sheer endless portfolio of services and products. At Factry, it works the other way around. Here, the sales process focuses exclusively on our two software products: Factry Historian and FactryOS. To this point, this adaptation to a new, and a lot more energetic working environment went smoothly, thanks to the excellent guidance from the team. The communication is very open, and that was clear early-on.”

Account Executive Emile Pierloot

What deeper ambitions do you still hold within the company?

“I started only three months ago. At this point, I’m still learning and focusing almost exclusively on Factry Historian, a software product that is easier to explain to clients and to set up projects. The sales process for MES projects is more complex and currently mostly handled by colleagues. However, I definitely aim to soon contribute to the process, and even take on a more strategic role by helping streamline and enhance the sales SOPs for both products.”

“At this early stage in my career, I see my role not as the final destination but as a stepping stone, which influenced my decision to join. I aim to make a significant impact within the company, beyond just occupying a sales role. Understanding Factry’s purpose, direction, and being convinced of its mission are crucial for me. It’s important to feel that my contributions will influence the company’s future path, and that’s what I’m feeling here.”

Where do you get your energy from outside of work?

“Well, today I spend most of my free time furnishing the house that I bought last year. Also, the IIoT world is a real passion, so that’s why I love following industry trends on social media and elsewhere. I used to play basketball in my hometown. Now, having moved, I’m currently looking for a new sporting challenge. So if anyone has a good tip, I’m open to any interesting suggestions.”

In any case, finding a training partner here should be a breeze.

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