Factry OEE

OEE for the Smart Factory

Release September 2020

Image of OEE metrics

Optimize the use of your production capacity and assets

Involve your operators in operational improvement

Create a more predictable organization

Lower inventory, improve reliability, increase the bottom line

Embrace OEE as a simple and actionable KPI for everyone in the organization

  • Downtime overview

    Quickly visualize the downtime events and their reasons.

  • Automatic downtime classification

    Downtime classification algorithms assign the reasons automatically. Just turn it on.

  • Simple operator pop-ups

    Easy-to-use pop-ups permit your operators to select the right downtime reason if automatic classification is not available.

  • Equipment Manager

    Logically map your production plant and your assets. Classify your production equipment.

  • Create OEE dashboards

    Create OEE dashboards in a matter of minutes with web-based dashboarding and reporting software.

Obtain insights into your 6 big OEE losses

Availability Loss

Gain insights into which planned and unplanned downtime events occur. Either in general or in the context of your batch, order or equipment by setting up the equipment tree and integrating with MES.

Performance Loss

Because we have second-level resolution data in Factry Historian, even the smallest microstops are detected and classified. Coupled with the setpoints from master data, you can quickly detect reduced speeds or cycle times.

Quality Loss

Detect and classify rejects during startup and production to obtain a view on your quality losses.

Whereas a machine used to be at a standstill for half an hour, it is now down for just ten minutes.

Stefaan Claeys
Operations Manager at Helioscreen fabrics

What's in it for you?


  • No more manual entry with automatic detection and classification.
  • Easy to use operator screens for a frictionless experience.
  • Real-time feedback for maximum actionability.

Production manager

  • Self-service web-based dashboarding & reporting
  • Create real-time dashboards with ease
  • Out of the box reports available

IT/OT manager

  • Factry OEE extends Factry Historian for data collection
  • Integrate with our REST API
  • Run on-premise or in the cloud