How our new Technical PM will elevate your IIoT project

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Business management expert by choice. Project manager by heart. Meet Sacha Barbieaux, our new Technical PM. Why did he decide to join Factry? And what value will he add to our team and projects? Let’s find out.

Sacha Barbieaux

With a background in Business Management, and five years of experience as a Business Manager and a Project Manager, Sacha was the perfect candidate to help us further optimise our processes, and find new ways to streamline the client experience. “I want to leave a permanent mark here”, he says

What attracted you to working at Factry?

“The start-up mentality, that allows you to address problems and solve them right here, right now. Moreover, the challenges of a fast growing company are more diverse than those of an established business. I like the variation in tasks, the autonomy in the job, and being part of a lively young team.”

What will be your role within our team?

“Within a growing company, the roles aren’t strictly defined. My role as a PM goes beyond traditional duties, which is fun. At first, I analysed Factry’s business model, looking for quick wins to make daily operations run better. Think about sharing information, or improving the sales to scope workflow.”

“Later on, I will do more project-related work: from defining the client’s needs and translating them into certain deliverables, to planning them, developing them and reviewing them with the client. It will be my job to manage the scope of the project and make sure our software solutions fit the client’s needs.”

What was the first thing on your to-do list?

“At first, I wanted to get a full picture of the company. For instance: who is responsible for what, and what are his or her specialities? Although I know a thing or two about Business IT and logistics, ISA95 and MES were new to me. So, during the first weeks I absorbed as much knowledge as I could bear.”

How did you experience those first weeks?

“Allround positive. I was very well guided by Jeroen and Yves, each responsible for our core products FactryOS and Factry Historian, with whom I each spent a week. Another thing was that I felt immediately included in the group. The atmosphere and communication within the team is great.”

What’s crucial to you to be happy at work?

“I previously worked at an international firm with over 5.000 employees, in which everyone’s tasks were meticulously determined. That didn’t sit well with me. I needed more freedom and variation, and above all, the feeling that I can actually leave a tangible footprint within the company I’m working at.”

Where do you hang out when you’re off-duty?

“To balance out all the hours spent sitting at a desk, I prefer an active and outdoor lifestyle. I alternate a rich social life with a lot of sports activities. To fully unwind after a stressful day, you can often find me either at the golf pitch or the tennis field, or at a restaurant, cafe or movie with friends or family.”

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