View the highlights of our teambuilding week in France

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To thank our team for their hard work in the past year, we decided to spend a week in France for our first-ever ‘workation’. View the highlights of a laid-back teambuilding trip to the French countryside. A perfect marriage of entertainment, cheese, and daily duties.

Start of our company teambuilding in France

Settling down at our 19th century castle with a drink and a game of petanque.

The French countryside

No better place to unwind than at the French countryside.

Team building activity
French castle

Our home office

Innovation workshop
Innovation workshop
Company values workshop

Who needs a boardroom desk when you have a billiard table.

Team workshop finale
Concluding the week's first workshop in the comfort of the salon.
Teambuilding challenge
Teambuilding challenge

Blindfolded team challenge: create a complex geometrical figure. Nailed it.

Breakfast in France on Nutella and juice

Someone could still use an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

French winery
Wine tasting

And that was even before we went out to visit this authentic winery.

Visiting the winery
Kayak trip

Or a 10 km kayak trip.

At the swimming pool

Nothing beats a sun-drenched water game to really feel on holidays.

All 12 members of the Factry team looking back at a great week. Till next year!

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