Leverage data for optimal process control

The raw materials used in fermentation processes typically have variable characteristics. Yet, you want an optimal process to achieve an ideal end product quality.

Key to any successful fermentation process is to continuously monitor and analyse the data it produces.

This will enable you to discover hidden trends and patterns, and identify potential problems early on so that they can be corrected before they impact quality.

But when you're still relying on IT from the 80s, Excel sheets, or paper, that's easier said than done. 🤷‍️

Historian software

Are disconnected data sets growing over your head?

In their quest for the golden batch, many manufacturers in the fermentation industry are still hampered by the burdens of Industry 3.0, going from paper processes to data silos.

We see plant managers standing knee-deep in a swamp of spreadsheets. Operators getting lost in disconnected data sets from outdated IT systems. Engineers with better things to do, having to manually aggregate process data.

🔔 Sounds familiar?

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With industry-proven solutions for paperless production monitoring, batch analysis, OEE, traceability and recipe management, we help you break walls between data silos, augment the workflow of operators with contextualised data, and identify new opportunities to streamline quality and improve the bottom line.

Break your way into Industry 4.0

Improve operations

  • Enable any department to work with the same process data
  • Get instantly notified in case of anomalies, not after the facts
  • Avoid human errors through automated recipe management

Streamline quality

  • Compare real-time values with previous production runs
  • Find the Golden Batch by identifying trends and patterns
  • Perform root-cause analysis of quality and process issues
Historian software

Ensure compliance

  • Get perfect insight on process conditions at any point in time
  • Detect batches through a configurable event detection logic
  • Trace back products to raw materials, suppliers, machines, …

Simplify reporting

  • Get accurate numbers on OEE, profitability, and energy use
  • Improve machine maintenance through a preventive approach
  • Allocate energy costs, materials costs, etc., per line or site
Historian software

Match the Golden Batch.
Time, and time, and time again.

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