Why MES implementation is a game changer for manufacturers – and not just another IT rollout

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Implementing an MES

Implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) goes beyond setting up a conventional IT project. Instead of merely a technological adoption, an MES (and the data it generates) presents a strategic opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Here’s why.

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Struggling with production challenges such as data silos, poor process visibility, manual reporting, unplanned downtime, or high defect rates? Implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is then the next logical step.

In a nutshell, an MES serves as the backbone of a digital factory, integrating every aspect of the production process from the ground up. It ensures processes are executed efficiently and align with quality and output standards.

By digitising processes, MES targets the chaos of paper and Excel, and delivers real-time information from across the production floor. Actionable data you can use to optimise your workflows to address persistent issues and bottlenecks.


Why MES implementation isn’t just another IT project

Implementing MES isn’t just about upgrading technology. It’s about shifting the way work is done, leveraging real-time data for smarter decision-making, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With each step forward, MES pushes toward creating an agile and collaborative production environment.

When done right, an MES and the data it generates becomes a crucial company asset, one that enables you to gain a competitive edge through effective operations, increased productivity, and significant cost reductions — directly benefiting the bottom line.

Yves Bourgeois
COO at Factry
The impact of MES


The impact of MES (pssst, it’s huge)

According to research by Gartner and MESA, most production companies implementing MES achieve significant operational improvements within 12 months of implementation, such as decreased unplanned downtime, improved lead times, and enhanced product quality. Over a third of the surveyed manufacturers saw results within three months.

Another MESA research report shows that companies implementing MES have decreased Total Cost Per Unit by 22.5%, improved Net Profit Margins by 19.4% , and increased on-time delivery by 22%".

Over the years, we have witnessed the transformative power of MES implementation firsthand.

Take this client example

Hindered by a spreadsheet and paper-based production workflow, the Belgian ice cream producer Jacques IJs yearned for digital transformation.

With the adoption of the FactryOS Manufacturing Execution System, the company can now monitor and manage its production operations in real-time, leading to a significant impact.

Since then, they have ramped up their overall efficiency, enhanced quality control, increased productivity – all without purchasing new machines – and respond more quickly to changes in demand and production conditions.

Specifically, within 12 months of implementation, Jacques IJs achieved notable operational improvements: they reduced product overfill by 20% and increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by 10% on some lines. Not bad, considering they produce around 235 million ice creams a year.


A new playing field for manufacturers

But wait, aren’t MES systems hugely expensive and complex?

Traditionally, implementing an MES platform might have seemed complex and daunting, reserved for the few big shots with the resources to tackle such a monumental task. However, the landscape has changed. And not by a little.

New technologies have transformed MES from a monolithic system into a modular solution, one that can be cost-effectively tailored to fit evolving needs, making it accessible to a broader range of manufacturers than ever before.

By enabling a level of customisation and flexibility that was once unthinkable, the ‘batch of one’ becomes not just a future possibility, but a practical reality.

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