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Building and perfecting our MES platform over the past 5 years would have been impossible without the ingenuity and persistence of a remarkable team. Meet the individuals behind our cutting-edge MES software, and discover what sets them apart.

FactryOS team
Led by COO Yves Bourgeois, the FactryOS team has always played an essential role in the development of our company. But who are the people behind the MES platform?

Meet Ilya and Claas, who work closely on the back-end development of new components. Lumi, our front-end developer, brings their expertise in UX design to the team, seamlessly translating complex functionality into user-friendly screens while supporting the back-end team.

Facilitating smooth operations is Sacha, our dedicated Project Manager, who works hand in hand with the COO. His responsibilities include adding structure to processes, bridging the gap between client needs and the technical team, and overseeing project setup, implementation, and follow-up. 

We have gathered them for an insightful discussion on their approach, values, and their genuine satisfaction as members of the Factry team.

What do you think is the biggest strength of the team?

Claas: “Our team thrives on complementary backgrounds. For instance, Lumi has an exceptional grasp of CSS, an area where we, as back-end developers, often fall short. We excel at making things functional, but Lumi has an innate ability to make them visually appealing and intuitive.”

Lumi: “And on the back-end development side, Ilya often takes on more complicated algorithms and technical challenges, while Claas knows all about the projects we’re working on.”

Ilya: “We learn from each other, and it’s nice to have a second opinion whenever building or implementing something. And since Sacha joined us, we were able to improve processes, while he also takes project communication with clients on his shoulders. This, in turn, allows us to focus more on our development work."

Claas: “Having Sacha on our team also provides fresh perspectives on the solutions and components we build for clients. It’s easy to fall into habitual patterns, but he encourages us to reevaluate and explore new approaches, making us question whether there might be simpler and more effective ways to accomplish goals.”

Sacha, as the most recent addition to the FactryOS team, how did you experience your onboarding?

Sacha: “When I joined six months ago, the company atmosphere was refreshingly different for me. While we are dedicated to providing business services and solutions to our clients, we also embrace a playful and authentic environment. Factry is a place where we can be ourselves.”

“In terms of onboarding, there wasn’t a rigid manual to follow. I had numerous discussions with Yves and the teams, which allowed me to gain insights into the company, our clients, their processes, and how I could best contribute as a Project Manager, helping each team member reach their full potential.”

“The biggest challenge when joining ongoing projects was assimilating the entire process. Initially, I only had a partial view. However, six months later, I have developed strong relationships with clients, and the projects are nearing completion. It has been a rewarding experience.”

How have your jobs evolved through the years?

Claas: “A few years ago, I started as an intern and gradually took on more responsibilities. Although my core job remains software development, I now have closer interactions with clients, addressing their development-related concerns. Additionally, I have taken on the responsibility of reviewing my colleagues’ code, ensuring its quality.”

Ilya: “For me, the transformation has been significant. I have been with the company since before FactryOS existed. In the early days, we were primarily focused on building client-specific components and had to handle everything from back-end to front-end development and styling. We were true full stack developers. However, as FactryOS took shape, my role shifted more towards specialised back-end development.”

Lumi: “In the past, my focus had always been on front-end development of websites for the general public. Joining Factry brought a steep learning curve when it came to JavaScript frameworks, allowing me to expand my expertise in that area of front-end development. By creating numerous screens that need to visualise a lot of data, I have been able to refine my skills.”

How do you keep improving as a team?

Sacha: “During our frequent product discovery meetings, we come together as a team to assess how we can create an even better product. Within the scrum methodology, we hold sprint review meetings to reflect on the previous sprint and identify areas for improvement in every domain.”

Lumi: “We also use the Kanban method, which has facilitated a more structured approach to continuously enhancing our workflow. It helps us prioritise tasks, address minor issues promptly, and experiment with new ideas. This iterative process empowers us to consistently improve the platform.”

the FactryOS team

How do you think FactryOS is different from other MES systems?

From a developer's perspective, one aspect that stands out is how effortlessly our software integrates compared to the systems we interface with. Although they belong to different domains, and our software often being more modern, it really excels in providing seamless integration capabilities.

Ilya Crols
Software Engineer at Factry

Sacha: “Our software is designed with operators in mind, offering a user-friendly experience that is easy to grasp and navigate. Furthermore, we prioritise flexibility. If a particular feature or functionality doesn’t fully meet a client’s needs, we tailor it to their exact requirements. Lastly, our communication approach is exceptionally transparent and open.”

“As a client, you have direct access to the team and even the founders. It is rare for similar companies to have both a founder and a Project Manager involved in project discussions. Additionally, our developers actively participate in client meetings, which fosters a unique level of collaboration.”

To conclude, what is the one aspect of the team you would never change?

Claas: “The open and honest communication within the team is something I would never want to lose. Our shared goal is always to solve problems, rather than pursuing a higher status within the team or company.”

Lumi: “The work environment we have cultivated is remarkable. With a horizontal structure, we promote open communication and provide positive feedback. Each team member feels valued and appreciated. When we raise concerns or ideas, someone always listens. This dynamic can be difficult to maintain as companies grow, but we manage to preserve it.” 

Ilya: “What I truly cherish are those moments of intense collaboration, where we come together to accomplish something remarkable. The sense of satisfaction that follows is invaluable. As Lumi mentioned, having that recognition and appreciation further fuels our drive.”

Sacha: “A flexible, enjoyable, and open workplace contributes to the overall well-being of the team. We can discuss anything openly, and we engage in various fun team-building activities. Whether it’s going for drinks every Friday, participating in sports together, or attending concerts with like-minded colleagues, we foster a lively and supportive environment.”

the FactryOS team


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