Before you begin collecting data…

Industrial data collection is the process of acquiring data from machines, equipment and industrial IT systems. It is the first step in digital transformation.

The idea is that you want to use the collected data to get actionable insights, and optimise processes by finding the reasons for downtime and bottlenecks.

Before you jump in: use our 8-step checklist to avoid pitfalls, focus your efforts better, save resources and get tangible value out of IIoT a lot sooner.

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Industrial data collection: get off on the right foot

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  • Bring together a dream team for your project
  • Set the right priorities and stick with them
  • Get management buy-in and employee traction
  • Select the right technology and IT systems
  • Take an agile approach to your IIoT project
  • Choose between on-premise and cloud storage
  • Pick the right IIoT integrator for your project

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8 crucial steps to take before you begin collecting industrial data

Meet the #1 open IIoT platform

Factry Historian is an open IIoT platform designed to collect, store and visualise industrial process data. Data from sensors, devices and IT systems are gathered on one platform, offering a single source of the truth and the same user-friendly interface for any employee working with production data.

  • No vendor lock-in
  • Unlimited amount of data, users & collectors
  • Web-based interface
  • User-friendly dashboards

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