Factry Historian v6.4: A new step towards simplified administration

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Before we let the big ones fly, Factry Historian’s v6.4 release marks a product update focused on perfecting the functionalities you’ve grown to depend on.

Historian V6.4

Collector Auto-Update: simplifying maintenance

Collector Auto Updates in Historian v6.4

At the heart of this new v6.4 release is the Collector Auto-Update feature, bringing notable efficiency improvements and time savings for Factry Historian Administrators, especially for those overseeing extensive networks of collectors.

Instead of manually updating each collector individually, which can be time-consuming, the Auto-Update feature automates the process, ensuring all collectors are always up-to-date with the latest features and patches.

Portal Enhancements: tailored for user efficiency

Bulk Alert Configuration in Historian v6.4

The 6.4 release introduces a number of enhancements to the Factry Historian portal, aimed at improving user experience. One is the ability to batch update alerts, equipping users with a more efficient way to manage notifications across their systems.

Previously, adjusting alert settings for multiple collectors required navigating to each one individually. From this update onwards, users can apply changes to alert settings across all relevant collectors simultaneously.

This means that tasks which used to entail hundreds of clicks, can now be completed with just a few. You’re welcome!

Furthermore, the addition of Disk IO monitoring enhances system performance insights by improving visibility into disk health and usage. It now allows for setting custom thresholds, enabling proactive management.

What’s next for Factry Historian

As we continue to refine Factry Historian, we’re already planning future updates that will include more advanced features, such as Asset Templating.

Moreover, the upcoming Grafana Data Source improvement (to be launched soon) promises to bring a significant enhancement to your data analyses.

For instance, you’ll be able to merge live and event data for a unified view of metrics, enabling straightforward comparisons of batch performances against real-time data. This enhancement simplifies identifying trends and anomalies, eliminating the need for complex SQL queries or manual data handling.

Interested in being a part of the advancement of the Grafana Data Source?

We’re calling on all clients to test-drive and share your thoughts. Join us as we refine this advancement to serve a wide range of operational needs.

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