factry IO

An open approach to Manufacturing Intelligence

Factry IO is a Belgian engineering company, founded in 2016. We provide our clients with software solutions for monitoring and managing their production processes. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, we want to be an alternative to what is offered today by bringing more open and more modern technologies to the world of industrial IT.

Our Focus


As Edsger W. Dijkstra once said: "Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability". Combining small, focussed tools to complete larger tasks results in a much easier integration and better maintainability.

Open Source

We firmly believe in the principles behind community driven development, and we actively contribute to it. Using open software results in transparancy, less vendor dependencies and the use of modern software principles.


Whether you are looking for a solution for one production line or an MES system for the whole factory, our generic and standard-based approach will allow your system to grow with your needs.

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