Factry helps their customer A&S Energie to generate electricity more efficiently by using a modern process historian and data integration.

About A&S Energie

A&S Energie supplies electricity to 55.000 households. This Belgian biomass plant burns 22 tons of non-recyclable wood per hour. At its maximum output, the plant generates 26 megawatts of power. The plant has been operational since 2010 and is operated by a team of 25 people, consisting of management and operators.


The goal was to reduce time spent on reporting and to reduce the error rate of the output.

Operators manually collected metrics from the plant, both from analog counters and the SCADA system. Management transcribed these numbers to Excel for reporting purposes. This process was both time consuming and error prone.

Process data was only readily available for the last 2 weeks. Older data needed to be retrieved manually and loaded into the trending tool. As retrieving process data was cumbersome, these systems were under-utilised.


The goal was to centralise process data collection into Factry Historian to make it readily available for everyone in the plant. Factry involved both management and operators before building the solution.

Factry's customer focus and agility is unparalleled. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Franky Vanhinsbergh
E&I en Process Manager at A&S Energie

Factry replaced their existing process historian with Factry Historian and migrated all data from 2011 onwards. Now, everyone has easy access to all process data. In the backend, counters are now sampled automatically from Factry Historian at configurable intervals. This decreases operator workload and error rates. Once sampled, calculations are performed to obtain the KPIs for management. The whole setup is built with open source software, from backend logic and databases to browser frontend.


  • Very costly unplanned downtime was averted with the easily accessible data.
  • Management saves about 10% time on reporting duties while achieving greater data accuracy.
  • Everyone has access to the powerful trending tool.

Management is already saving about 30 minutes per day on reporting with this new capability.

Franky Vanhinsbergh
E&I en Process Manager at A&S Energie

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