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Add insight through data integration

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Data integration

Companies using traditional software to collect industrial data, often struggle with a lack of flexibility, modernity and speed - mostly all at once. As a fully integrated service provider, we create powerful and innovative solutions for monitoring and managing processes in any type of industrial environment.

Based on industry standards

Why reinvent the wheel when we can use industry standards? As standards often define the best way of doing things, we follow these as closely as possible.

Powered by open software

We firmly believe in the principles behind open (source) software and community-driven development, and we actively contribute to it.


We design our software with extensibility in mind from the onset. This is reflected in a microservices-based architecture with documented API's.

Exploring Industry 4.0

The ongoing digitalization of manufacturing offers a wealth of opportunities. However, not all of these are equally valuable for everyone or every company. That's why it's important to take a step back and explore before starting any digitalization projects.

Opportunity identification

During an initial exploration phase, we identify opportunities that are specific to your business. Our business and engineering background helps us understand the business case on the one hand and the physical, underlying process on the other.

Data audit

Next, we obtain a view of the data and information sources that are already at your disposal. We link these to the needs for each individual use case and finalize with a gap analysis.

Action plan

Finally, we rank possible digitalisation initiatives according to the trade-off between expected benefit and required development. Finally, we jointly decide on next steps.