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Operational excellence and continuous improvement are driven by an optimal understanding of your production processes. Gaining the necessary insights into process parameters and production events is crucial to this understanding. However, getting to this level of insight is one of the biggest challenges that many production companies face today. Different machines - very old to brand new, from different vendors - generate data at high rates. Unfortunately, in many cases this data is not collected or, at best, collected locally without any further context. Together with Factry, you can unlock this trove of data, give it meaning, develop insights and formulate actions.

Our platform

Factry Hub

With the Factry Hub, you get insight out-of-the-box. We collect data from different sources (PLC, SCADA, LIMS, MES, ERP) and present it with the right context. Now, everyone in your company - from operator to plant manager - gets the answers they need.

Anywhere, any device

Requiring nothing more than a web browser, our system allows you to create both historical trends for ad-hoc analysis and real-time dashboards for use throughout your factories. As there is no limit on the amount of users, you can display your data on as many screens as you want.

Up and running in no time

By using OPC-UA (Unified Architecture), the successor of the highly successful OPC communication protocol, it is possible to collect data from your existing installations, no matter the brand of PLC, without any custom programming.

Easy Integration

Our open APIs allow for easy integration with nearly any other software. You can build new applications on top of the Factry Hub and easily connect it to your existing applications.

Open (Source)

The Factry Hub is powered by high quality open source technologies, which we augmented with industry-specific functionality. This results in a fast, modern and cost-effective solution.

Our services

Factry is a Belgian engineering company that brings the power of open software to the world of manufacturing intelligence. We help our customers gain insight into their industrial processes by intelligently combining advanced technologies from the web- and IoT-space. Together with our transparent approach, this guarantees modern and performant solutions without artificial limits. We provide you with maximal freedom, now and in the future.


Whether you need a first or a second opinion, we can help you in making the right choices for specific projects or your general industrial software architecture.


The Factry Hub is offered as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). This means you get installation, updates and support for a fixed monthly fee.


A custom integration? A specific reporting requirement? We'd be happy to help.

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